Jan 14-19, 2014

(North American premiere)

OTHER FORCES 2014 festival

440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St
New York City, USA

A brand new ensemble work for a solo performer, a sound artist/DJ and a video artist/VJ, titled #aspellforfainting is an improvisational piece, created anew for each performance by using disparate textual sources (The Seagull, Macbeth, Hamlet, Streetcar Named Desire, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, YouTube instructional videos, etc), a multitude of musical selections and sounds, and over 50 objects as an investigation in the chaos of creation. The performer is given a series of tasks to complete while the DJ/VJ team shifts through a constantly rotating series of textual sources, sound cues, light changes, and props placed in the performers path.

Following the work's avant-premiere as the culmination of WaxFactory's Short Form residency at the Incubator Arts Project, and the international premiere at I LOVE MZ festival in Argentina, we are thrilled to bring #aspellforfainting back to New York for its official North American premiere, as part of Incubator's Other Forces 2014 festival.

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416 MINUTES (part one)

Mesmerizing theatre for the 21st century!

-- Flavorpill